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 Do you want to track live train running status to get current online status of running trains? Now its easy to check the Indian Railway Train status station by station Just fill in below— Train Number in the below link for the tran status:

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Enter Train Number or train name,source, destination or combincation of these
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(e.g. 12561, 11014, 12809, 14056, 12511, 15018 etc.)

Track Live Train Running Status 

All India trains running status can be seen as radar picture in the following link  and click on each you can view the status

Indian Railways, the fourth largest rail network of the world, known also as “lifeline to India”, carries over 30 million passengers on trains running daily across the country. Indian Railways is one of the busiest Railway networks of the world having more than 7,500 railway stations and more than 10,000 passenger trains running on the railway tracks per day. In spite of complexity and diversity in rail operations, Indian Railways has been continuously making its endeavors to provide train related information correctly, efficiently and conveniently to rail passengers travelling in different trains running in India.

Running Train Timetable Enquiry Help Line

Train Enquiry help line telephone numbers are 139, 131, 1330, 1332, 1335, etc. But now gone are the days when Indian railways rail passengers used to make telephone calls for knowing information about trains through railway enquiry helpline phone numbers such as 139, 131, 1330, 1332, 1335, etc. to get current train status, train late position, train schedules, train arrival time, train departure time, updated train timetable of running trains etc. But most times, they find it that the railway enquiry helpline telephone numbers are busy with some other callers (passengers) or due to heavy traffic on these helpline telephone numbers used for train enquiry related queries.

Indian Railway enquirey official sites:
 Indian Railways information services (such as PNR Status Enquiry, Accommodation Availability, Train Running Status, Live Train Location Information, Vacant Berth Status on Running Trains, Trains Arrivals, Trains Departures, and Trains Passing by a Station, Online Reservation Booking | Cancellation etc.) for rail travelers could be found on the websites like:,,,,, etc.

Running Train Status Live |

Live Train Running Status Direct Shortcut Link (Second Trick)
 • Highlight  (drag)  &  COPY the full URL text  given just below:

 •Paste the above Copied Web Address (URL) on the Address Bar of your web browser window.

 •Change TrainNumber to TrainNumber you wanted to look status for. Train number may be any valid 5 digit train number, for example: 12331,  12435,  12303,  12301,  12436,  15610,  14055,  12332  etc.

 •Change DayNumber, MonthNumber and Year as per the date you want to look for:
 i.for date 24/02/2011: DayNumber=24, MonthNumber=2 and Year=2011
 ii.for date 04/02/2011: DayNumber=4, MonthNumber=2 and Year=2011
 iii.for date 02/10/2011: DayNumber=2, MonthNumber=10 and Year=2011
 iv.for date 07/09/2011: DayNumber=7, MonthNumber=9 and Year=2011

 •Change StationCode to Station Code through which the train may travel (pass). In this running train status trick, Station Code may be originating railway station, terminating railway station or any of the intermediate railway stations between which the train runs (travels).
for example: ANVT,  NDLS,  LKO+,  PNBE,  CSTM,  HWH+,  DLI+,  GHY+  etc are some valid Station Codes to be used for finding online train running timetable.

 •Now, press the ENTER key as the Shortcut Web Address (URL) for running train status for your desired train is now ready to retrieve train running information page on your internet browser.

 •Example(for Second Shortcut Trick of Live Train Running Information):
Suppose you want to know online running train status of train number 12368 (VIKRAMSHILA EXPRESS) starting on 24-02-2011 from ANAND VIHAR TERMINAL then you have to use the following URL in your browsers address bar to get instant result webpage of train running information by TrainEnquiry website:

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